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About the system

SKRIN Project

Founded by shareholders of National Association of Securities Market Participants (NAUFOR) in April 1999 with the purpose of setting up publicly available mechanism for information disclosure on Russian enterprises.

Preserving its basic advantages formed as a result of obtaining information directly from corporate securities issuers, SKRIN is constantly working to create new possibilities for its examination and analysis by system users. Permanent contact with the users of the information allows us to respond in maximum to their requirements at the same time constantly improving methods of data updating and processing. Comprehensive Information and News Disclosure System SKRIN has ultimately become an integral part of Russian stock market infrastructure.

Our pride is efficiency of processing the information coming into the system that allows SKRIN to remain the unique source of not only authoritative, but also the most updated corporate information. The information update is the daily process in SKRIN and deals daily with approximately 100 issuers.

The main proof of correctness in regards to the development strategy chosen by us is the recognition of professional community. At present SKRIN terminals can be found at trade desks in analytical departments of all investment companies and banks actively operating on the securities market. SKRIN information is used by hundreds of professional investors on a daily basis and is an integral data source for fundamental analysis. We regard it not only as the possibility to get convinced that the principles of our activities are close to and acceptable for the most frequent users of our information, but also as a motive for further improving and upgrading system efficiency.