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SKRIN site is attended daily by more than 2,000 people, most of them are employees of financial, legal and insurance companies, banks and private investors.

According to the data of “Media-Planner” complex report of SpyLog «Stock markets» our site is ranked second in Top-20 most attractive exchange advertising sites.

According to the results of sociological research conducted by us the SKRIN visitors are:
Top managers–30%
Mid-level managers – 17%
Qualified specialists with high level of education– 35%
Students, post-graduate students and other pupils – 15%
High class people – 31%
Middle class people – 56%

Our server is in the process of constant development: new sections are being added, the design is improving, and attendance ratio is constantly growing.

Tariffs to place ads on SKRIN web-site
PageBanner Size (pixel)Price in conventional units to place banner
One (1) week periodOne (1) month period
Main pageRight side234х60620020150
Right side180х100620020150
Left side180х100620020150
NewsIn the body of the news468х60620020150
“Issuers” sectionLeft side200х1001860055800
Right side180х1001860055800
"Analytics"Left side200х100X6200

These rates are effective since August 01, 2005.
1. Banners are accepted as graphic files (gif, jpeg) or swf files of up to 15Kbytes in size,
2. Maximum width of the text block - 180 signs,
3. Placement of banners in the News, Enterprises sections is a through one.

If you have any questions regarding placement of your advertisement do not hesitate to contact our Marketing Department: Telephone: (495) 787-1767 or 787-4111, Fax: 787-24-83, e-mail: