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Traditional forms of disclosure of information, i.e. companies’ statements, publications in mass-media, responses to shareholders’ queries do not meet the basic needs of issuers and investors due to its slow operational efficiency and high costs, as well as the risk of distorted data. Only mechanism on the basis of which SKRIN functioning is structured has no deficiencies typical of common means of distribution of corporate information, and has the number of advantages including the following:
Operational efficiency and truthfulness
These are provided by means of lack of additional intermediaries, since the data processed by them could be either distorted or delivered to the user largely delayed, whereas SKRIN corporate information is delivered directly from issuers.
Maximum coverage
Information concerning enterprise is placed in large information system having ample circle of users both in this country and abroad
SKRIN users are people whose profession is closely connected with circulation of securities of Russian enterprises
Timely character
Updating of information in SKRIN occurs on a daily basis and involves more than 100 issuers per day.

More than 1,000 enterprises provide us with their information based on the disclosure agreements and rights of SKRIN as a shareholder.

All enterprises whose information is input in the SKRIN system are grouped by categories depending on the scope of information disclosed.

A+ Category
A+ Category are the companies disclosing their information to all interested parties; these joint-stock companies concluded agreements on information disclosure and consequently are presented in SKRIN in full: statutory documents and issue documents, financial statements, quarterly reports, information regarding material facts (events)
A Category
These are the companies that also signed agreements on information disclosure; however, they disclose information in full only for SKRIN users.

In compliance with the Information Disclosure Agreement, the А+ and А issuers are provided with remote access system and with the software allowing to disclose information in the SKRIN system on their own.

B Category
B Category are the enterprises, which have not concluded an agreement on information cooperation, however, having all the information in the SKRIN system. The issuers of the federal group are included in the above category, and also the issuers, whose shares are exchange-traded on the organized securities market
C+ category
C+ category are the companies, which are represented by rather a large scope of data, including quarterly statements, and all information from the recent quarterly report presented in structural form in the data base

Open Joint Sock Companies of categories A+, A, and C+ are included in SKRIN rankings based on the principals of “Popularity”, “Liquidity”, “Capitalization”, “Profit Margin”, “Proceeds”; “Equity capital”

C Category
C Category are the enterprises not presented by full information (quarterly statements, accounting reports, issue reports are presented on the selective basis), however, all contact information is available.
C- Category
These are the companies, providing to SKRIN only contact information and the companies that make public only corporate news