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About the reference guide

Raising information transparency of Russian companies

The Reference guide for many years has been the object of close attention on the part of securities market professional participants, the issuers themselves and also of the representatives of world community. National and overseas practice evidences that there does not exist a more important thing for shareholders and professional investors than obtaining updated, complete and reliable information on the company.

One of he obstacles for the normal development of investment processes and of stock market is the low level of information disclosure on the part of Russian issuers. When preparing the reference guide we endeavored to fill the information gap and to represent in convenient for the common user form the brief information on Russian Joint-Stock companies for all interested users.

The reference guide «Russia’s Issuers» is an annual publication. It is formed based on SKRIN Issuer electronic data base.

In 2003 we expanded the list of companies whose data was published in our reference guide. Now you can find out more about the information in regards to 1,000 Russian issuers. The unique SKRIN product - ranking of issuers’ popularity for 2002 - is the basis for choosing the list of companies for Russian Issuers – 2003 reference guide. Besides, the sequence order for issuers corresponds to their ranking position.

Each enterprise in the reference guide is represented by a minimum of information necessary for investor: general information about the company, structure of statutory capital and financial indicators for the years 2000–2002.

We are grateful to managers of the enterprises and rely on our further working cooperation in the domain of information disclosure and augmenting investment attractiveness for Russian companies.

The Reference Guide is aimed at a wide audience of users, investors, professional participants of securities market: specialists in financial sphere, teachers and students of High Schools for Economics etc.

Print run shall be 3,000 copies. List of companies incorporated in the reference guide

Our reference guides are free for distribution!
You may order the reference guide contacting our SKRIN Marketing Department.
Telephone: (495) 787-1767 or 787-4111
fax: 787-24-83, e-mail:
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With consideration of period of reference literature use and the unique nature of the project advertisements placed on the pages of our reference guide are much more efficient than in other publications.
Tariffs to place ads in the «Russia’s Issuers– 2003» reference guide

We shall be grateful if you send us your remarks and comments in regards to our reference guide. If you are interested in obtaining more complete or additional information concerning enterprises do not hesitate to contact SKRIN or e-mail us at We shall be glad to help you.