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The center carries out consulting on a wide range of issues in the filed of corporate legislation of the Russian Federation. In particular, the consulting subject area of the center includes the following issues.Issue of corporate securities, including:
  • Corporate securities issue procedure.
  • State registration of issue, securities prospectus and report on the results of securities issue.
  • Placement of securities.
  • Suspension and renewal of securities issue.
  • Declaring securities issue null and void.
  • Other issues connected with securities issue.
Disclosure of information by security issuers, including:
  • System of information disclosure.
  • Forms of information disclosure.
  • Methods of information disclosure.
  • Information disclosure at each stage of securities issue.
  • Securities prospectus.
  • Quarterly report.
  • Notifications on material facts.
  • Mandatory information disclosure by joint-stock companies.
  • Other issues connected with information disclosure on securities market.
Activities of governing bodies of business entities, including:
  • Annual shareholders' meeting.
  • Board of Directors (Supervisory Council).
  • Executive bodies of a business entity.
  • Appealing decisions of governing bodies of business entities.
  • Responsibility of governing bodies members of business entities.
Responsibility for violations/crimes, connected with activities on the securities market, including:
  • Civil responsibility.
  • Administrative responsibility.
  • Criminal responsibility.
Protection of rights and legal interests of the issuer, including:
  • Judicial protection.
  • Protection as an administrative procedure.
  • Self-defense.
The Center also provides consultations on other issues of the corporate law that arise during a process of activities by a securities issuer, and namely: relationships with regulating authorities, relationships with securities owners, issues of establishing, reorganization, liquidation of business entities, issues connected with forming and changing charter capital of a business entity, distribution of profit of a business entity and others.

  Preparation/examination of documents

The Center carries out services on preparation and examination of documents of issuer, necessary to perform:
  • Issue of corporate securities;
  • Information disclosure by securities issuers;
  • Preparation to public circulation of issuer?s securities on the organized market.
  Provision of up-to-date information

The Center performs constant monitoring of events and documents of normative and non-normative character, which are in the field of interests of securities issuers. The Center's experts carry out analysis and processing of the above information and prepare the corresponding reviews on its basis. Reviews of events and documents are sent to issuer weekly by e-mail.

  Information disclosure

According to Regulations on information disclosure by securities issuers, approved by the order of the Federal Service for Financial Markets of Russia of March 16, 2005 # 05-5/pz-n corporate securities issuers are obliged to disclose information by way of publishing separate forms of information disclosure in the Internet in due time.

The Russian legislation establishes administrative and criminal responsibility for violation of requirements on information disclosure on securities market.

In order to observe requirements on information disclosure we offer you to use the web-site of SKRIN Corporate Consulting Center (further referred to as Center) with the view to organize public access to information to be disclosed on the securities market.

Information disclosure on the Center's web-site will guarantee your enterprise:
  • Up-to-date dissemination of all corporate information to shareholders and investors of the company irrespective of their location;
  • information disclosure in line with requirements of the securities law;
  • cutting expenses on provision of company's information;
  • ability to control information disclosed about the company, excluding the possibility of dissemination of untrustworthy information;
  • forming an image of an information-transparent company;
  • raising an investment appeal of the company for Russian and foreign investors.

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