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SKRIN Training Center

SKRIN Training Center

One of the most important subdivisions of SKRIN is dealing with training and skills improvement of securities market experts. The work is organized in two major areas:

Courses that train applicants for examinations on getting the certificate of the Federal Service for Financial Markets. The training is organized for specialists from the institutions, which deal with broker, dealer, clearing, depository activities, as well as the activities on trading.
Seminars on issues related to organization and handling of internal accounting, work with securities, accounting and taxation, drawing of documents for licenses, etc.

The program of the courses is scheduled in such a way as to provide the students with all necessary knowledge for passing the examinations at the Federal Service for Financial Markets. The training is carried out by qualified teachers, authors of books related to specialized courses and experts, who know well the peculiarities and functions of the modern stock market.

Training for qualification examinations at the Federal Service for Financial Markets
Basic examination
Qualification examinations of series 1.0-5.0
Seminar for private investors «Fundamentals of a Securities Market»
Registration for qualification examinations at Moscow Regional Department of the Federal Service for Financial Markets
Full-time, extra-mural and express forms of training
Training at the customer’s office in accordance with individual training schedule
System of discounts to regular customers
Students have access to:
Training manuals
Examinations tickets
Normative documents

Seminars of the training center are built into courses for professional participants, issuers and lawyers. Their feature is a good combination of modern management theory and practical experience of work at Russian enterprises. The seminars are conducted in accordance with modern methods of intensive training. They allow the students to grasp sufficient volume of knowledge in short periods of time. The courses take place both in the classrooms of the training center and at the companies interested in organization of seminars devoted to chosen subjects for the personnel (field corporate seminar).

Subjects of seminars
Requirements imposed on organizations dealing with professional activities on securities market
Organization and handling of internal accounting for operations with securities
Investment of funds in securities by legal entities and individuals
The role and activities of professional participants of securities markets in the system aimed ate preventing money laundering
Accounting and taxation for activities of professional participants of securities market
Activities related to trust management on securities markets
Accounting of professional participants of securities market on the basis of new regulations on accounting
Depository accounting
Order of depository accounting at credit organizations
Protection of investors’ rights in modern Russian legislation
Modern state of joint-stock legislation
Issue of shares by joint-stock companies
Information disclosure on securities market. Preparation of the issuers’ compulsory statements for submission to the Federal Service for Financial Markets. The latest version of the electronic questionnaire of the Federal Service for Financial Markets — new opportunities.

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