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Total found: 58779 companies.

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Code Company name
ARTUG ARTUG Open Joint-Stock Company
ASSB Astrakhan Power Sale Company Public Joint-Stock Company
avan AVANGARD Bank Joint-Stock Commercial Bank Public Joint-Stock Company
AVAZ AVTOVAZ Public Joint-Stock Company
AWFNS Avtoban-finans Joint-Stock Company
BALLI Baltiyskiy leasing Limited Liability Company
BANE Bashneft Oil Public Joint-Stock Company
BELU Beluga Group Public Joint-Stock Company
BGDE Bogorodskie Delikatesi Public Joint-Stock Company
BISV Bashinformsvyaz Public Joint-Stock Company
BKEWR Eurasia Drilling Company OOO
BLNG Belon Joint Stock Company
BRGRA Whale Finance Limited Liability Company
BROKE MultiBotSistems Investment Company Limited Liability Company
brsk RUSAL Bratsk Aluminum Plant Open Joint-Stock Company
BRZL Buryatzoloto Public Joint-Stock Company
BSKSL Business Consulting Limited Liability Company
BSPB Saint Petersburg Bank Public Joint Stock Company
BUSPT Real Estate of Pension Fund Limited Liability Company
BZTLL O1 Group Finance Limited Liability Company
CBOM Credit Bank of Moscow Public Joint-Stock Company
CENRS Archer Finans Limited Liability Company
CHEP Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant Public Joint-Stock Company
CHGZ RN-Western Siberia Public Joint-Stock Company
chkz Chelyabinsk Forge-and-Press Plant Public Joint-Stock Company
CHMF Severstal Public Joint-Stock Company
CHMK Chelyabinsk Metal Works Public Joint-Stock Company
CHZN Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant Public Joint-Stock Company
cinb Center-Invest Commercial Bank Public Joint-Stock Company

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