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Moscow River Shipping Company Open Joint-Stock Company

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14.09.2015 MRP to hold BoD meeting
20.07.2015 MRP pays out preferred dividends for 2014
25.05.2015 MRP to hold BoD meeting
15.04.2015 MRP to hold AGM
15.04.2015 MRP recommends preferred dividend, suspends common dividend
15.04.2015 BoD of MRP recommends profit distribution
09.04.2015 MRP to hold BoD meeting
03.04.2015 MRP to hold BoD meeting
13.02.2015 MRP to hold BoD meeting
10.02.2015 MRP to hold BoD meeting
23.12.2014 MRP to hold BoD meeting
15.12.2014 Moscow River Shipping Company holds EGM
06.08.2014 Moscow River Shipping Company to hold BoD meeting
05.06.2014 General Director of MRP elected
05.06.2014 BoD of MRP elected
05.06.2014 Financial statement of MRP approved
05.06.2014 Revised Charter of MRP approved
05.06.2014 Auditor of MRP appointed
02.04.2014 Moscow River Shipping Company accepts into service two RST27 tankers
16.01.2014 MRP to hold BoD meeting

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